IMEI Number: *#06# Lockstatus: If you change the language from default to any other language, then it may be difficult to switch to default language.
The shortcut is very simple.
Older Ericssons *#0000# & Newer Ericssons& Also, pressing on the newer Ericssons changes the language to Automatic.
<> stands for right arrow button or joystick. Copy & Paste when using phonebook: Go into “Edit contact”, and select the Contact Scroll down to the number you want to cut and paste. Without selecting it (ie without clicking on the joystick or the yes button) press and hold the * key, and then press the 1 key. When you release both keys,
the highlighted number should disappear Now move to the appropriate entry (eg the “Mob” entry) and press and hold the * key, then press the 3 key. When you release both, the number is pasted into this entry. (1 for cut, 2 for copy and 3 for paste) If you’ve cleared your call list you can easily find unsaved dialed no: Go to Message then Write New & Press yes. Click on Continue. In the menu to let you key in the number to send msg, press the right up key for more menu & you go to the following list. Phone book, Groups,
Sim entries and Unsaved nos. Select Unsaved nos, there you will see last 10 unsaved number.
 Those numbers can’t be erased even you clear your entire call list.

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