Boost Your Business With PayWithSpecta LOAN

What is PayWithSpecta

Paywithspecta is an online lending provider that can offer you a digital spending limit which can be used to make purchases from merchants in-store and online.

A portion of this digital credit could be converted to cash, which allows you to make purchases from merchants or for your personal needs.



They would also reward you for every merchant you refer to them. Please note that reward is for onboarding merchants who do not have existing accounts with Sterling Bank.

The reward for referring a merchant when they start transacting include:

  • A one-off payment of ₦500.00 on any Merchant account opened with a minimum credit average balance of ₦30,000.00 in the first 15days of opening.
  • Up to 0.15% per annum commission to be paid monthly on the credit average balance on account opened.
    The commission will be paid for one year starting from the month of onboarding a new merchant.

How To Get Spending Limit With Paywithspecta

PayWithSpecta Interest Rates

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