Miracle Box Start Button Not Working

How to fix MiracleBox button not working, we describe all steps in this post, in most of the cases,  Miracle Thunder without box software start button is not highlighted,

And you are unable to click on “Start” button, but now you can have your start button worked and enabled smoothly

You can easily fix your Miracle (Start Button is not Working) in Miracle thunder 2.93, 2.82 and all other versions by making some changes in handel.in files, let’s do that.

This will work for all users with Miracle Box of which your start button is inactive or not working


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How To Fix Miracle Box Start Button Not Working

Follow the instructions for surely you will get success.


1_Open Extracted Box Files

2_ Locate and open BOX data in the folder above

3_ Locate the file named Handle.ini and Open it

4_ Within Handle file, change the last date, year to 2017

5_ save changes  then exit Handle.ini

6_ Miracle Box Now works Ok



Just Delete the File called Handle.ini in the Box Data
then run Miracle box

Hope this fix your problem?

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