Infinix’s flash charging technology is not available in all phones from the company but on select devices such as,   Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note Pro, Infinix Note 2, Note 3, Infinix Zero 5, Zero 4, Infinix Note 5, Note 5 Pro etc. Also, note that this type of phones comes with a special charger with higher charging current. So this means, if you try using a basic phone charger on those phones, it will charge slowly this is because majority of the smartphones with flash charging features comes with bigger battery capacity.If your Infinix smartphone has flash charging built in and you need to solve a charging problem it has, this help resource deals with all this category of phones. It provides solutions to those Infinix flash charging problems.
How Infinix Flash Charging Work
Infinix Flash Charging is a form of fast battery charging that requires a special charger to function. If you use any other kind of charger, your Infinix smartphone will not charge fast.
As with all fast charging technology, it is safe to use an Infinix fast charger with a non-flash charging phone; the charger will dispense only the charge/current that the phone supports. So, it is a good idea to buy one of these special fast chargers.What to look for: chargers labelled “5V/1A” are standard chargers (very slow). Some chargers labelled “5V/2A” are a bit faster. We recommend that you look for chargers labelled “9V/2A”and above.
If the charger is used with a supported Infinix smartphone, the phone charges much faster and the battery gets refilled in a shorter period of time. You can tell when fast charging is taking place in an Infinix smartphone when the battery displays a double flash sign during charging.
  • Your Infinix smartphone is not charging fast
  • The battery does not charge up to 100%
  • Your Infinix smartphone is not charging at all

The solutions to these problems are specified in the next section.

1Your Infinix smartphone is not charging fast
In some phones, you need to enable the fast charging features under phone settings >> battery >> flash charge. Though on most occasions, it’s already enabled in default as you buy the phone.
Apart from that, chances are that the special flash charger is faulty. To verify this, try another flash charger with the phone. If it charges fast with another special charger, the problem is your charger (usually the cable) and should be replaced.
If your Infinix smartphone still does not charge fast when you use another special charger, the problem might be the phone’s charging port. You will need to visit an authorised service centre to have it fixed.
2The battery does not charge up to 100% Where the battery does not charge up to 100% any longer, it can be due to the battery approaching its end of life and needs to be replaced. If the phone in question is a new one, then there is a problem that needs to be fixed at a service centre. Chances are that the battery has a factory fault and needs to be replaced.
3Your Infinix smartphone is not charging at all. Again, it is a good idea to check first whether or not the problem isn’t a faulty charger. Simply try another charger (it doesn’t have to be a special/fast charger this time) with it to see if the phone now charges. If another charger does not charge the phone, then it is likely that your phone’s charging system is faulty and needs to be fixed at an authorised service centre.