Infinix Flash Charging Problems And Solutions

What’s Infinix Fast charging ?
Infinix Flash Charging is a form of fast battery  charging that requires a special charger to function. If you use any other kind of charger, your Infinix smartphone will not charge fast.  

As with all fast charging technology, it is safe to use an Infinix fast charger with a non-flash charging phone; the charger will dispense only the charge/current that the phone supports.

 So, it is a good idea to buy one of these special fast chargers. 
What to look for: chargers labelled “5V/1A” are standard chargers (very slow). Some chargers labelled “5V/2A” are a bit faster. We recommend that you look for chargers labelled “9V/2A”and above. 

After using the Infinix Note 3 (X601) for about some months my Infinix
 phone decided not to charge on the Flash Charging mode but only on the
 standard charging mode. 
I tried google to find the cause  of the problem and among of the suggestions I found was that probably my USB cable was faulty. 
To verify, I decided to plug the same phone using the same cable on my laptop. The laptop was unable to identify that there was a new device plugged to it, but the laptop was charging the phone albeit slowly.

But there are so many causes of slow charge or not charging of your Infinix  Device. But the most frequent on, 

is that your infinix phone came with a flash charge feature this makes charging the 4000mAh Battery extra-ordinary fast and still last for 7 hours.                                

  • First thing you need to do is check if your charge is not burnt or affected by high electricity voltage. You can do this by smelling it, if you have a blocked nostrils give someone else to passive it for you.
  • If the charger adapter is okay then you need to check your USB Cable. We both know the Infinix USB Cable that comes with the phone is of low quality. Replace it with another cable.
  • In case, the USB Cable was faulty so you will getting a slow charge instead of “Flash Charge” after trying out with another cable you will get back quick charge.
  • If all of this options does not work you might need to restart your phone. Even after restarting the phone it’s still the same. You need to visit an engineer who’s skilled at phone repairs he might change or repair the charging port to get it working again.


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