How to flash Any Phones With Multi Port tools

How to flash Features Phone or Any Phones With Multi Port tools Here is manual guide on how to flash This features Phone with Multi port, this tool is developed by MediaTek and is used to flash phones Firmwares.
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How To Flash Features Phone With Multi Port Tools

How To Flash Using Multi Port tools

Let’s take feature phone as example, How To Flash T340.
1.DOWNLOAD and install feature phones driver.
2.DOWNLOAD Multi Port Tools
3.Launch MultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe
4.Click OK on the dialogue box that pops up with Fail.
5.Click File and select Open Download Agent File.
6.Select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin.
7.Now Click Image Folder button. and select the folder containing the ROM.
9.Click OK on the window that appears with Load Files Success.
10.Insert battery into the phone.
11.Open Device manager.
12.Click on Ports (COM & LPT)
13.Connect the phone.
14.Check and note the COM Port number that appears.
15.Disconnect the phone.
16.Now on Multi Download Tool, tick COM Port number, select USB
17.Select Download ROM and Format.
18.Click Start button on the line which the COM Port number of the phone was connected.
19.Connect phone.
20.process starts with a red bar followed by purple then yellow.
21.When you see DL OK with 100% yellow bar, the process is complete Disconnect and reboot Phone
NOTE; If for any reason, the com ports on the multi port download tool do not tally with the com ports on system device manager.
To resolve this, open flash tool, click on options and select set begin COM port. Set and apply,
If You Face Any Problem Just Comment With Your Problem

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