How to detect preloader for flashing

This records is to guide customers, locating it difficult to get preloader detection for flashing in Mediatek device

This below guide will made it clear to you on shorting on KCOLO to GND for Force Preloader Test point mode.

See: Tecno 605 RX and Tx pin

Guide to use Tx and Rx Kcolo to GND



    [Image: 2ueqrmg.jpg]


  • B the Phone PCB

How to detect preloader for flashing

In certain phone PCB; KCOLO or COLO will not be FOUND But rather points like DM and DP; this means
DM- data negative
DP- data positive

OR You will have also Rx and Tx on phone motherboard
Rx- Receiver
Tx- Transmitter

RX and Tx points on Phone PCB are Just like DP and DM
USES and Difference

DP and DM (D+/D-) are used for USB operations by shorting the usb cable DP and DM on the Phone PCB and then supplying a power obviously positive and negative to the power terminal of the motherboard. the phone will detect SUCCESSFULLY if everything goes right.

[Image: 2yn4hh0.jpg]


Rx and Tx also are used for COMP port operations no very appropriate for amateur

You should have a gsm china box to perform this operation; except this operation isn’t always accomplished because of the container cables and usb gid and clips.

Under IS A TECNO M7 BOARD; From the picture below the USB attachment to the smartphone motherboard are DP and DM

[Image: e7xqfp.jpg]

NB: Covered by some lead; but DM and DP are still showing clearly*****

I hope with this your Phone Detection wont be a problem with or without gsm box to flash

But remember you will need a DC power supply to power the motherboard power terminals for detection.