How To Block Your Lost ATM Card

What is ATM card

An ATM card is a payment card or dedicated payment card issued by a financial institution which enables a customer to access their financial accounts via it’s and other’s automated teller machines and to make approved point of purchase retail transactions.

How To Block Your Lost ATM Card of Various Banks by Yourself. Everyone has lost one thing or the other in the past even though nobody wish to loose any of their properties,

But no one is above mistake or above the error of loosing something.

How To Block Your Lost ATM Card

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Card since it’s inception in Nigeria has been a very vital tool in our everyday life especially when it comes to our finances.

It holds a very important information about our finances which might be dangerous if gotten to someone else hand.

Its more dangerous if a lost, stolen or carelessly handled ATM Card got to the hand of a fraudulent person or Scammer as they can tamper with the owner money in the account hence the need for instant blocking of the card by the owner.

But do you know that, you can block your ATM Card by yourself without visiting your Bank or having to wait for the weekend to be over

Incase it happen to you, at weekend or any times.

This my Article will teach you how to block your ATM card of various Banks by yourself.

Bellow are Banks and their sort Codes 

1. United Bank of Africa:


From your Registered sim

Simply dial *919*10#

Internet banking or Application platform

– Log on into your UBA Internet banking

– Select Self service

– Select request to block Card.

Call or mail the helpdesk

You can call their customer care on +234 7002255822 or send mail to

2. First Bank of Nigeria.


Just Send “BLOCK” to 30012 from your Registered line

3. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

* USSD Code

On your registered line dial *737*51*10#

* Internet Banking or App

– Log into your GTB banking App.

– Select Card

– Select “hotlist” and insert your Card number

– Select Submit then hold on

– While holding on, a pop up screen will pop up requesting to confirm the deactivation of your ATM Card

Call the help desk

To request for the deactivation of your card You can contact the GTB Customer care on 08029002900 OR 0700482666328 (0700GTCONNECT) OR 014480000

4Zenith Bank

* USSD Code

– Dial *966*911# from your registered line

– Enter your account number

– Press 1 to confirm your request

* Internet Banking or Application

– Log into the App

– Click on Menu to Select Card and Cheque

– Select deactivate card

– Click continue

* Call Help desk

You can as well contact their customer care on 012787000, or 014647000 or 012927000


Call or Mail Customer Care

Call 012798800 or 07003290000 or send an email to and request for your card to be blocked.

6. Access bank

* Call

Dial 18005548969 for debit Card or 18005583424 for Credit card

* Internet banking or Application

– Log into the Application

– Select Card and Cheque

– Select “Block” and the account of the ATM Card you want to block

– Then select Block Card

7. Wema Bank


Send ” CARD ATM OFF” to 33352 through SMS on your Registered Sim

8. Stanbic IBTC


– Dial *909#

– Select ” My Bank”

– Select “Service Request”

– Select ” Block Card”


Send “Block Card” NUBAN (your account number) to 30909 from your registered line

9. Sterling Bank

* Call or Mail Customer Care

Mail their Customer care on or call 070078375464

10. Union Bank


Send “BLOCK CARD” NUBAN to 20123

11. Unity Bank

* Mail

Send your request to their Email address on

12. Fidelity Bank

* USSD Code

Dial *770*911# then select the ATM Card you want to block as all the ATM Cards that are connected to your account will be displayed.

* Mail

Send your request to their email address on

13. Keystone Bank

* Help desk

Send your request to their email address at or call them on 070020003000



Send “STOP ATM” NUBAN to 08063262265

You can also immediately transfer your money to safer account pending the time you resolve the ATM issue.

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