How To Block Wema Bank ATM Card

How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card With USSD Code

Are looking for ways to stop debit or how to block wema bank atm card, Here is Ussd Code And Guide to Disable or Stop All Fraudulent Acts In Your Wema Bank Account And ATM card

How To Stop Debit On Your Wema Bank

When you Lost your phone or your Wema bank alert SIM card has been swapped by unknown person Don’<a title="t" href="t(function(){"[data-toc]"))})}(window.jQuery);">t Worry, Follow this simple steps to Block Wema bank ATM Card And Use any available phone to secure your account using this FOUR simple steps:

How To Stop Debit on Your Wema Bank

  1. Dial *945*911#.
  2.  Select option for third party.
  3. Input phone number linked to the account.
  4. Input PIN to deactivate your profile.

How To Register Wema Bank Ussd

Learn how to activate your Wema Bank transfer code and follow the steps this to get your Wema bank USSD code activated.

  1. Dial *945*100# with a registered phone number.
  2. Input your account number.
  3. Input DOB (format dd-mm-yyy).
  4. Input USSD 4-digit PIN.
  5. Then Confirm the PIN.

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