How To Backup Mediatek Device With Droid Tool

Hello Friends These are the instructions on how to create Scatter File for MTK Devices including MT6572, MT6577, MT6582, MT6589, MT6592, MT6595.


  • You need to have a MTK chipset based android device, 
  • USB cable, and some commonsense to perform easy tasks.
  • Download ADB Drivers for your phone (If your phone is not getting detected).
  • Download MTK Droid Tools from here.

Yes after downloaded all requirements  you’re ready to go then.

1. Extract the MTK Droid Tools and run the program.

2. Plug your phone in (with USB Debugging enabled) and you should see a screen like this one, the blue status bar shows that your phone is succussfully connected:

3. Go to the ‘root, backup, recovery’ tab, as circled above.

4. Check the ‘Backup userdata and cache’ box (as shown above) and click ‘Backup’.

5. Now your full current ROM will be backed up, this part may require some patience as it can take a while. You’ll get a screen like this:

6. You’ll get a pop-up asking if you want ‘Packing Backup?’ Select ‘No’ as seen in the image below.

7. Once the ROM backup is complete then click on ‘To Prepare Blocks For FlashTool’ as can be seen below:

8. Next you have to select the the md5 sum file, to do this just browse the backups folder and there’ll be a folder entitled with the name of your phone. Open this folder.

9. Inside this folder is a file entitled ‘files.md5’, click on it.

10. After selecting files.md5 you’ve completed the creation of Blocks for Flash tool, and you’ve backed up your ROM.
To proceed with Unbricking your phone, follow with these steps.

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