Glo Borrow Me Data

Glo Borrow Me Data

To ensure you never run out of data when you need it most, we have introduced Borrow Me Data into the market. Borrow Me Data is a service that allows eligible customers borrow data on credit when your data bundles are exhausted and have run out of airtime or in case of unsuccessful bundle activation due to low balance.
Borrow Me Data is available only to eligible customers. The eligibility criteria include:
– Your SIM must be registered.
– You must have been active on the network for at least 3 months.
Price details for Borrow Me Data are given below:
Price (N) Data Volume in Pack(In MB) Data Volume for Borrow Me Data(In MB) Validity
50 30 30 1 Day Borrow  Online
100 60 60 1 Day Borrow 
200 200 200 5 Days Borrow
500 1600 1600 7 Days Borrow
1000 3200 3200 30 days Borrow 
You can also borrow data by dialing *321#.

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