Glo 3G and 4G APN Manual Guide

You are welcome to this page, here’s full guide how to manual configure Glo 3G and 4G APN for your Android phones in order to experience and enjoy the fastest browsing  with your Android phone.

First Select Settings >  and navigate to Connectivity> then locate Data accounts or Access point > Options > “Add PS account” > “
For Account name Enter Glo Mobile Internet
Select “Options”
Select “APN”
Enter gloflat
Select “Options”
Select “Username”
Enter flat
Select “Options”
Select “Password”
Enter flat
Select “Options”
Now Select Advanced settings > Homepage” Input this url
Select “Options”
Select “Use proxy” > “No” > “Back” > “Options” > “Save”
Select “Options” > Set as default> “Back” > “Services” > “Internet service” > “Settings” > “Data account”

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