Free internet VPN tweak method

Free internet VPN


* You should not have mobile balance
* You must have an active data plan with 0 MB balance.
* The method or setting works well with all versions of Android, but preferably Android 4.0 or higher are recommended
* The method works for all android mobile, devices or tablets
* Rooted Android 4.0 or higher OS version device

Free internet VPN tweak method

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Free internet VPN tweak method

There are many Free internet VPN tweak method (virtual private network) Service provider which you can use to connect internet. Doing some changes in VPN software connects internet virtually, so you’re not charged for internet surfing. It’s simple to configure with faster internet connection.

Droid VPN

To use this you need a rooted android device and Airtel SIM card with null balance.
->Download and Install Droid VPN from Google play store.
->Register with username, password and legal email address.
->Click on Connection Setting – > Connection Protocol – > Select TCP option
->Tap on HTTP Headers – > Tap check box to Enable
->Type on Custom HTTP Headers “
and  click OK
->Open Droid VPN – > select any available connection – > click on connect button.
You connect to Droid VPN now.
->Surf browser, Youtube video, Play games, check emails without any
mobile data balance.

The Good thing of this technique is you don’t need to download this VPN software in your device. It can work without download and Installation.

->Click on Setting – > Wireless and Network – > Select VPN
->Click on + sign on top right corner to add new VPN
->Give name as “FlyVPN” or whatever you want
->Select Type as “PPTP”.
->Add Server address of your particular country. You
need to register to get this IP address. It will be in XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format.
->Select Check “PPP encryption (MPPE)” and Save
->Click FlyVPN to connect
->Enter credentials which you have used during registration and click connect

Other VPN
There are many VPN apps which you can download and perform specific configuration to connect free internet such as izzyvpn, FinchVPN, Freedom VPN, Globus VPN Pro, EasyOVPN, TroidVPN and many more.

 The installation, setup and use of all those VPN apps are almost same. You may find other latest software too from search. Ensure that you can use them for free high speed internet connection. Almost all VPN software supports android users.

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