4 Tips to secure your bank Account

Safe and secure your Bank account and prevent unlawful access to your account.
Because day by day rate of yahoo-yahoo are Increase and  those G-boy, are advance in scamm people.
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4 Tips To Secure Your Bank Account
After they get your contact number through social media or else where, they will now looking for how to track you down.
Please shine your Eye’s Don’t fall in victims of those yahoo-yahoo and other fraudster.
Be Smart  Don’t be A fool by Someone that’s not suffered with you when you are gather your wealth, Please be wise like bush fowl.
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How to secure your bank account

  • Never give your full card details, like full ATM card Numbers (cvv) and PIN to a third party or response to any sms ask for all these details Noted.
  • No give any third party your Internet Bank details like Password and One Time Password
  • No response to any call or sms from claiming to be a bank manager or account manager asking you to provide your bank details.
  • Do not respond to any email that asking you to click on link and provide your online bank details such as one time Password, OTP, User Name, Pin Number and One Time password.

NO Bank will call you and Asking for your bank  Details.
If you Feel Any Suspicious CONCERNING YOUR Bank Account  Kindly block your atm card or Contact Any of Your Bank Branch that Near You.
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